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08 8296 1950  dl.0913.info@schools.sa.edu.au

Student Wellbeing

Our Core Values of respect, resilience, community, innovation, achievement and integrity are the foundation for exploring, building and supporting student wellbeing at Seacliff Primary School.

Supporting Student Wellbeing is a priority for all staff and this is achieved by using a range of processes and strategies to develop, build and support optimum wellbeing for all students.

Annually, staff examine and analyze DECD ‘Student Wellbeing and Engagement Survey Data Collection’ results. Strengths and areas of focus are identified in the domains of student social and emotional wellbeing, relationships and learning in school, physical health and lifestyle and afterschool activities.

Staff participate regularly in Professional Development sessions and implement these approaches and strategies into their teaching. Recent training and ongoing programmes include Kimochi’s (A Social & Emotional Programme), Positive Education (gratitude, mindfulness, building resilience and growth mindset approaches), Transition Programmes for kindy to school entry and moving to high school) and Interoception. Staff are currently taking part in a 5 week ‘Wellbeing Toolkit’ initiative.

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