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08 8296 1950  dl.0913.info@schools.sa.edu.au


In South Australia, most children start school the year they turn 5 years old.

When your child is eligible to begin school will depend on their date of birth, and whether you’re applying to public or private school.

Public primary schools in South Australia have one intake date.

  • If your child turns 5 before 1 May, they can start school at the beginning of that year.
  • If your child turns 5 on or after 1 May, they can start school the following year.

In South Australia, all children must be in school by their 6th birthday – this is the compulsory school age.

Find out more information about enrolling in Primary School.

An Enrolment Form will be provided for parents/guardians to complete once a place at the school has been offered.

To enrol at a South Australia public school:

We have a SEACLIFF PRIMARY SCHOOL PARENT HANDBOOK for families enrolling children at Seacliff Primary School.

If you have any questions, please get in touch via contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

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