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08 8296 1950  dl.0913.info@schools.sa.edu.au


Seacliff Primary School offers a range of co-curricula opportunities for our students.

Sport is a significant part of the school culture at Seacliff. Students have opportunities to represent their school, district and state through SAPSASA events. These include Cross Country Running, Athletics, Swimming and a range of team sports, the most popular being Soccer, AFL, Netball, Basketball and Volleyball.

There is also a strong “out of hours” program that has significant input from parent volunteers. On most week nights the school oval and courts are full of students training for interschool competitions in their chosen sport.

Volleyball has particularly strong participation rates with squads of over 80 students regularly representing the school in Volleyball SA events at Glenelg Beach. Seacliff also has representation at Spikezone competitions, the State Volleyball Schools Cup and more recently in the Australian Volleyball School Cup in Melbourne.

Kelly Sports offer a sport skills program after hours each Thursday night.

Instrumental music is an elective available to students. Lessons are provided by external providers and are on a user pays system. Lessons are held either on site or at Brighton Secondary School.

Our Performing Arts teacher co-ordinates the school choir for students from Year 5 to 7. Students practice weekly in preparation for the “Festival of Music” program.

If you have any questions, please get in touch via contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

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