08 8296 1950  dl.0913.info@schools.sa.edu.au Barwell Avenue, Seacliff, SA 5049

08 8296 1950  dl.0913.info@schools.sa.edu.au

TOOSmart! – Junior Primary Maths Intervention


TOOSmart! is a maths intervention program for students in Years 1-3.  Designed originally for Seacliff Primary School students who were not fulfilling their potential in their Year 2 class, it is now also being used successfully to support Year 3 students with specific learning difficulties.

The TOOSmart! program has 7 levels and incorporates a range of strategies to improve students’ fluency, problem solving and reasoning skills. The program aims and objectives have been based on Booker’s Sequence for Developing Numeration and the Big Ideas in Number framework. TOOSmart! targets specific learning outcomes which include: building awareness of amounts and relative size of numbers; understanding and creating patterns in number; estimating and calculating mentally and using a variety of strategies to solve maths problems.

The workshop itself is a wonderful PD opportunity particularly for beginning career teachers, and intervention and support staff. Participants will gain insights into effective targeted teaching strategies that enable students to develop appropriate numeracy behaviours for number. These strategies and deliberate behaviours are easily transferrable to other learning  areas.  TOOSmart! is being delivered successfully by SSOs and teachers in many South Australian schools.  We strongly recommend that a teacher supports the implementation and/or delivery and also attends the training.

For further information about future workshops, please contact Steven Wallis at Seacliff Primary School on (08) 8296 1950 or email: dl.0913.info@schools.sa.edu.au