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08 8296 1950  dl.0913.info@schools.sa.edu.au

Governing Council

Luke Sandery – Chair of GC: I am an engineering graduate of UniSA and returned to Adelaide 9 years ago, taking a position with a South Australian based resource company. I enjoy getting down the beach with my family, gardening, cooking, music and travelling. I have had opportunities through work to develop my business leadership skills and would like to use these to support our local school.

I see Seacliff Primary School is a central part of our community and I would like to help make it the best that it can be. I am interested in creating a safe, interesting and supportive environment for the children of our community to develop in. I would like to play a part in shaping the culture of Seacliff Primary School for the benefit of the children, staff and community. Our family is passionate about sustainability and try to do what we can to reduce our environmental footprint and I look forward to an increased focus on this at Seacliff Primary School.

Clare Coupar – Vice-chair of GC: My name is Clare Coupar, mum of Tom (Yr. 7) and Charlie (Yr. 4). I’ve been a member of Governing Council since 2015 and I’m currently the elected Deputy Chairperson, after standing down from Chairperson after 4 years in the position.

I’m proud to be part of a school that has such a strong sense of community and have the opportunity to work with my Governing Colleagues to positively influence the learning environment for our children. Outside of school and work, life revolves around my 2 lovely boys, their activities, family and friends.

Kevin Gardner – Secretary of GC: a retired scientist with a career in science developing analytical instruments for minerals, cement and coal. My work was very project based and changed to project, team then teams and program management. Travelled the globe working extensively with the customer base in many countries and also lead global teams and development projects. Undertook a four year expat assignment in Shanghai to set up an engineering and R&D centre. Now my focus is on my daughter and developing her potential. I enjoy helping and assisting her and other children, helping out in the classroom and in the school. I like to challenge children to ask questions, discover and engage in mathematics and the sciences. Being on the Governing Council is a good way to be involved in the school community and being of service at a different level.

Sam Parkin – Treasurer of GC: I am in my third year as Treasurer for the Governing Council. I live in Marino with my husband Jon and have Georgia in year 2 and Zara in Reception at the school. Coming from the UK the School‘s parent network has been an amazing way to meet new friends and feel at home in such a beautiful area. We all love sport and enjoy the amazing facilities that the Kauri Sports complex provides with Tennis and Hockey. I have enjoyed being more closely involved with the School’s governance and encourage anyone who had any feedback or ideas about the school to come and say “Hello”.

Leah Watkins – Staff Rep on GC: This is my 7th year teaching at Seacliff Primary School. I am the staff representative for Governing Council. I currently teach Year 6 in Room 13. I enjoyed working with the Governing Council representatives last year to improve our school and plan for the future. I look forward to continuing this work during the year.  

Kerryn Berry – Fundraising Committee Convenor:  I am the Fundraising Representative on Governing Council. I have 3 children at Seacliff in years 2, 5 & 6 and we all love being part of such a supportive community. I really enjoy volunteering on the Fundraising Committee, seeing the joy on the kids faces as they are dancing the night away at the Disco or carefully choosing an items to purchase for a loved one, its wonderful to be a part of that. If anyone is ever interested in helping out on the fundraising we would love to hear from you. Outside of fundraising I enjoy playing netball, socialising with my family & friends and pottering in my garden with the chickens.

Corey Treleaven – GC Member: I am the dad of  two children at Seacliff.  My daughter Asher is in year three with Mr Schiller and my son Zac is in year 1 with Mrs Dittmar. This is my fourth year on the governing council.  I like the insight into the planning and preparation for school activities and operations and I also enjoy getting to know the teachers, school staff and other parents.

Sarah Davie – GC Member: I have two children at Seacliff Primary School; Alex (Yr 4) and Zoe (Reception). Sarah and her family moved from the UK to Adelaide in 2018 and joined Seacliff Primary School soon after arriving. Sarah is an Office Manager for an industry association representing the resources sector, based in the city. 

Milos Milutinovic – Strategic Planning Convenor: I have a passionate drive for the betterment of our local community and believe that my experiences and skills gained throughout my professional career in strategic decision making will be beneficial to the Governing Council.

My wife and I moved to Kingston Park a few years ago and have since brought up our two children in this picturesque seaside suburb. Our eldest child has started Reception this year and we look forward to also enrolling our other child into Seacliff Primary School in two years’ time. I hope that my input within the Governing Council will deliver strategic and innovative decisions that will allow the school to deliver an improved experience for all students, staff and the local community.

Scott Francis – DP & Guest at GC: This is my 9th year as Deputy Principal at Seacliff Primary School and I have attended Governing Council meetings throughout that time. I provide information and updates in areas such as school sport, student support and student voice, including the SRC. I am looking forward to working with the 2020 Councillors.

Sofia Carlmark – Values Committee Convenor: I have a daughter in year 3 and a son at Seacliff kindy, we love living in Seacliff and are proud to be part of the community. I’m looking forward to my 3rd year on Governing Council. I am part of the ‘values committee’ which has been fun and rewarding and something I feel passionate about. It has involved uplifting the aesthetics of the school while celebrating our 6 core school values. We have lots more ideas and look forward to rolling them out over the next couple of years with the help of all the amazing governing councilors. 

Larissa Leese – OSHC Convenor: I have enjoyed being part of the Governing Council for the past three years, especially in my role on the OSHC Committee. My husband Mark and I moved to Adelaide from Brisbane and we really love this beautiful area and the wonderful Seacliff Primary School community. We have two daughters, Bonnie in Year 2 and Heidi in Reception and a son Toby who has just turned three. With a teaching background I now enjoy being part of a school community in a different capacity as a parent and member of the Governing Council. Please don’t hesitate to come and have a chat if you see me around the school. 

Suzi Ban – BM & Guest at GC: I am a member of the Leadership Team and have been the Business Manager at Seacliff Primary School for the last five years. I am responsible for Financial Management, the SSO Team, Grounds and Facilities. I attend Governing Council meetings and am happy to convey any questions or concerns you may have regarding our school.

I have 3 grown up boys with 2 living at home with my husband and I. I am very family orientated and I love family get-togethers, reading and travelling whenever I can.

Poppy Cumiskey – Canteen Committee Convenor: I am a primary school teacher and mother of three. I am passionate about education and am honoured to collaborate with such an awesome group of parents and teachers on the Governing Council. I look forward to seeing you in the community. 

Steven Wallis – Principal: I’m in my third year now working as principal at Seacliff Primary School. I began my career working in the Education Department from 1981 -1990. Then I had 30 years of working in a diverse range of independent and international schools before coming to Seacliff. Over this time, my appreciation for the important role that a Governing Council plays in the life of a school has grown tremendously. I truly believe that the best outcomes for children come when there is a close community relationship between staff, parents/caregivers and students. The Governing Council, and its various sub-committees, certainly helps this to happen.

Open letter to staff from the Governing Council.

Governing councils are bodies that govern school. At South Australian Government schools and the school principal works together with the council or management committee to develop future directions for their site.

Seacliff Primary School Governing Council meet twice during each term (generally in weeks 3 & 8).

The primary role of Governing Council is to:

  • set the broad direction and vision of the School
  • develop and approve policies
  • monitor and review
  • School Strategic Plan
    • finance and budgets
    • property and maintenance
    • plans, for example school improvements and self-reviews
    • insurance and public liability status
    • activities of sub-committees
  • employment* and contracts

Seacliff Primary School Governing Council is an employing authority for Out of School Hours Care (OSCH) and the canteen staff.

Meetings are a big part of being on Governing Council, but members may also be required to:

• be part of an interview panel to select the site’s principal, canteen or OSCH staff;
• deal with media in response to an event or a good news story

Governing Council is made up of volunteer parents/caregivers and the office bearers are Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer. The school Principal, Business Manager and nominated staff representative(s) also attend. A DECD clearance is required and you cannot be on Governing Council if you have been:

• bankrupt
• convicted of any offence of dishonesty, or of a sexual nature involving a minor, or of violence against a person.

More information about being on a Governing Council is available on the DECD website: