08 8296 1950  dl.0913.info@schools.sa.edu.au Barwell Avenue, Seacliff, SA 5049

08 8296 1950  dl.0913.info@schools.sa.edu.au

School Staff

Leadership Team

Steven Wallis


Scott Francis

Deputy Principal/Yr 7

Suzi Ban

Business Manager

Murray Porter

Environmental Education Coordinator

Ruth Cameron

Student Leadership and Wellbeing Coordinator


Teaching Staff

Sharon Lancaster


Lynne Grey-Gardner


Rhianna McPherson

Reception/Year 1

Bianca Palmer

Year 1

Jessica Nagel

Year 2

Jan Baulderstone

Year 1

Cathy Stevens

Year 2

Emison Barrowcliff

Year 2

Brian Schiller

Year 3

Chelsea Todd

Year 3/4

Ruth Cameron

Year 4/5

Erica Flato-Beckett

Year 4/5

Yvonne Ridge

Year 4/5

Katrina Baronia

Year 3/4

Aaron Farquharson

Year  3/4/5/7

Leah Watkins

Year 5/6

Chanele Litchfield

Year 5/6

Murray Porter

Year 7

Lauren Thomas

Year 7 

Robyn Smans

Teacher Librarian

Mikaela Kelly

Performing Arts

Cherie Saba


Sally Wood

 Reception & Japanese

Emily Mooney-Doe

Physical Education

Paul Knapp

Student Support

Intervention Support

Melanie Bourne


Lynne Grey-Gardner


School Support

Alison Reidy

Pastoral Support

Hacela Bou

IT Support

Michelle Wesson

Canteen Manager

Jasmin Bennett

Canteen Assistant

Sarah Burgan

OSHC Director 


School Services Officers

Lynda Baxter

Finance Officer

Sue Wright


Elaine Low

Administration Support

Melanie Bourne

Learning Improvement Support

Susan Richardson-Jaeger

Classroom Support

Jodie Terry

Classroom Support/TOOSmart!

Jacquie Taylor

Classroom Support/Quicksmart

Deanne Pollitt

Classroom Support

Dale Colbeck

Classroom Support/Quicksmart

Leanne Lienert

Classroom Support

Kay Griffin

Library Support

Corey Pearce


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