Mr. Greg Miller

Department for Education and Child Development

Department for Education and Child Development
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Principal's Message

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Seacliff Primary School. This is a school with a great community feel, where parents, students and staff work closely together. There are many ways to be involved in school life at Seacliff.

Our teaching programmes, methods and curriculum are designed to meet the needs of young people in a changing world.

We believe that all students should be given the opportunity to succeed academically, physically, develop emotional intelligence and positive social relationships.

Seacliff has the motto of AIM HIGH and as it suggests we have set our sights high to achieve the best in all areas of school endeavours.

In 2009 our Theme was "Aim High: Reach for the Stars!" This theme strengthened our enthusiasm for science and embraced the International Year of Astronomy. It also reflected our belief that achievement for students at Seacliff is limitless!

In 2010 our Theme was "Aim High: Building Chaos!" with our tongue firmly in our cheek! This referred to the enormous amount of building that occurred at the school with everything from a new library, redesigned and refurbished classrooms throughout the school, Environmental Koala Trail, Beach Volleyball court, Frog Pond, School fence to name just a few. That year was a lot of fun!!

In 2011 our Theme was "Aim High: New Challenges!" During the year our challenge was to creatively use our exciting new facilities with our students and enthusiastically embrace the new Australian Curriculum. With Seacliff students the sky was the limit!

In 2012 our Theme was "Aim High: Building Excitement!" It was a year where we built on our constructive innovations in numeracy and science and the very encouraging NAPLAN results from 2011.

In 2013 our Theme is "Aim High: Reach for the Stars!" Our Environmental Student Forum Group presented at the International Conference, "Kids Teaching Kids" held in Melbourne last year. Over 80 young scientists also entered the Oliphant Science Competition and with high enthusiasm for maths throughout the school we think the stars are within reach!

We trust you will enjoy your time with us here at Seacliff. Please contact us if you would like any further information.

Yours sincerely,

Greg Miller