Welcome to the Seacliff Primary School website. At Seacliff we aim to develop creative confident learners who can adapt to and participate effectively in a rapidly changing world.

Our vision is of a community where staff members, parents and students work collaboratively towards achieving the best possible learning environment and educational outcomes.

We value and promote personal excellence, a love of learning and quality relationships between students, staff members, parents and the wider community. In the achievement of these goals we are committed to:
  • Providing a learning environment which is safe, secure and stimulating for all learners regardless of their culture, gender, age or ability and which encourages independent learners.

  • Implementing a curriculum which emphasizes the basic skills of literacy, numeracy and communication.

  • Establishing close working and learning partnerships between students, staff, parents and the local community in all aspects of the school programme and organisation.

  • Encouraging self discipline and personal responsibility for one's learning, for the quality of one's social interactions and for the conservation of the natural environment.


Contact Information

Mr. Greg Miller
School Address:
Barwell Ave, Seacliff, South Australia 5049
Daytime Contact Numbers (Phone):
08 8296 1950
08 8296 5729
Email Address for General Inquiries:


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